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Golf Betting Rules and Tips to Follow Before you Start Gambling on PGA

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Get the best golf betting tips online to wager on PGA Tours. But remember to check the Golf Betting News in order to get valuable information before you place a golf wager.

Golf is one of the toughest sports you can play. Of course, this also makes it one of the most rewarding and explains why so many get obssesed and addicted. There is no hiding however from the fact that to get more from the game, you need to devote time to it in practice. So make sure you read all about this Golf Betting Rules, Guide and Tips.

Golf Betting Point

The Betting Point is the value that you would usually put on a bet, for example if the tip is to bet 5 points on Rory McIlroy to win and your usual bet is $1 then you would bet $5 in total. If you like to bet 50 points then it would be $2.50, if it is $10 then it would be $50. This is so that the tips are relevant for each individual punter and their own specific circumstances.

Regular Golf Bets

You can bet on a particular golf player to win the event, wager that a golfer will place in the top three, or bet that a particular golfer finishes higher than another golf player.

Golf Betting Live Lines

These golf odds are essentially listed as money line odds and you can take a look at golf players live lines at this top rated sportsbook.

Field Golf Bets

There is also a betting entry called "Field" for most Golf Tournaments, which consists of all other golfers besides the ones listed by the sportsbook. Even though a bettor gets more than one golfer with one wager, the field consists of those golfers given the least opportunity to win and is usually best avoided.

Head-to-Head Golf Bets

The less common golf bet is betting head-to-head finish between two players. Here, a bettor doesn't really care what place the golfer finishes in, as long as the golfer wagered on finishes higher than the other golfer.

Proposition Golf Bets

Prop bets are a different type of golf betting, usually found on Major Golf Events. This special wager type can be such as the winner's score, if the first-round leader will win the tournament or whether or not any holes-in-one will be made during the tournament. These are simply to add a little more excitement to the golf tournament, as more people will wager on the well known tournaments than they will on a typical event.

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